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About Us

Established in the year 2015, Primecare is a subsidiary of Primecare Holdings (Pvt) Ltd , to cater Sri Lankan Health Sector. Primecare’s main objective is to provide the most advanced ,yet affordable solutions for early diagnosis of Cancers, NCDs and Infectious diseases with next generation based technologies, which will increase patient survival and meantime reducing healthcare costs. With vast expertise on the field of healthcare we are poised to reduce the 'Diagnosis to Cure' time for any Sri Lankan patients with an affordable cost in an unimaginable short turn around time using our world renowned Artificial Intelligence based image analysis & machine learning,Gene mutation analysis and related products.

Our Departments


From biopsy to identification of tumours our team has provided the pathologists with oustanding solutions. We are first in the Sri Lanka to introduce BRCA 1/2 screening panels via our dedicated NGS and Maldi-Tof assays. Being one of the largest supplier of consumables & accessories for pathology and microbiology , parasitology , our solutions are changing the future of traditional pathology with imaging systems, AI based image analysis & Rapid tissue based diagnostics etc.


With high expertise in the field of infectious disease diagnosis and research Primecare has a product portfolio of 500 plus products in various segments of microbiology including ELISA,Maldi-Tof, RT-PCR,NGS etc Our products cater for various microbiology related applications including rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing, RT-PCR & Maldi-Tof based pathogen diagnostics along with applications on NGS in the clinical microbiology & Infeciton Prevention.

Transfusion and Genetics

With our products , the Sri Lankan blood banks process more samples with less effort with greater consistency. We use our expertise in the field of HLA typing(Low and High resolution) , Transplant & Chimerism analsysis & various other applications with automated results reporting at affordable costs. Our partner products have been used extensively validated and used by various established blood banks,genetics labsand transplant centres across the world.

Oncology & Sequencing

Primecare is a pioneer in NGS & cytogenetics applications for Cancer diagnosis & treatments ,Cytogenetics & gene arrangement anaylsis & rapid mutation analysis & detections in Sri Lanka. Our products are used to detect key aberrrations implicated in wide range or haematological and solid tumour with greater accuracy with expanding portfolio of NGS panels & genetics panels. All of NGS & cytogenetics panels come with complmentary applications support with real-time sample prepration & reporting.

Imaging and Artificial Intelligence

Partnered with nearly 8 World’s leaders in Artificial Intelligence based software partners, we are providing solutions for deep learning of the imaging patterns. With AI taking over the world Primecare has coupled AI with various applciations including tumour diagnostics, blood analysis, Infectious & NCD disease pattern analysis and MRI applications. Combined , Primecare is the only solution provider in Sri Lankan to introduce Artificial Intelligence for healthcare diagnosis as well as for it’s proprietary HealthID solution which enables every Sri Lankan to have their health analysis platform for optimum treatment.

Robotics & Research

Robot-assisted surgery is regarded as a must-have by doctors and patients everywhere, due to advances in precision and dexterity, superior control, device multifunctionality, ergonomics, and avoidance of hand tremor and fulcrum effects. Primecare is leading the way forward to initiate a 'trial and train' program to perform robotic surgeries in the country. Our reasearch platforms are enabling the researchers to closely examine the patterns of critical biomakers in various therapeutic areas including cardiology, oncology, inflammation, infectious disease and neurology. Fill the form on the website to know more about how to work with us for research purposes.

Our Team

We at Primecare , a multidisciplinary, innovative healthcare and technology solutions provider in Sri Lanka has transformed itself as the most advanced Next Generation Technology Solution Provider. We believe doing the right thing makes good business sense. Here, sustainability is a way of life. A future-focused organisation, we're committed to doing the right thing today, for a better tomorrow. Everyday, we make a heartfelt promise to respect our precious planet and inspire our people to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Primecare represents some of the World’s leading healthcare brands which are famous for continuously delight their patients with trend setting technologies and successful treatments. We always deliver quality and never waver from their brand values. For us, it's about combining the magic of new technologies with our highly experienced team to make us as the most trusted innovative healthcare solution provider in the country.

CEO - Kalinga Weerakoon MBA-UK

Technology continues to change the way of how new health systems work. Enhanced AI, robotics, and cutting edge technologies are now helping to optimize the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Our people along with our technologies are reshaping how people live, work and interact with the world after their diagnosis and treatment. Primecare’s objective is to be the most innovative healthcare solution provider in the country. The responsibility bestowed and respect given to each team member is woven into the organization’s DNA. Our Marketing team and Engineering which consists of around 30 highly skilled team works tirelessly to close the loop of serving a patient or our customer in the most efficient and optimum way. It’s with no doubt we are vouched to say that , we are the leader in providing the most advanced solutions to the most deadly diseases.

Head of Innovations - Varun BEng, MBA-UK

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